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From the beginning of 2016 until today (30/06/2016) we've received 8.146 donations.
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Update 03/05/2016: Soon we will have been in Lesbos for 8 months, and we're still securing the Aegean sea with our presence. After the implementation of the EU agreement with Turkey, the refugees are facing deportation, therefore new routes towards Europe are being open. With your support we're continuing our commitment of saving lives, that's why we're working on another mission in the Central Mediterranean waters which extends the existing one. Very soon a ship granted by a donor will transfer there to expand the humanitarian operation which is already present. Without a doubt, the Mediterranean is now the greatest path to Europe, and also the most dangerous one, with more than 1000 drowned so far. And we will be there. You can read more about our plans on our Facebook.

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Who we are

The journey through the sea is one of the hardest parts of their trip. Their boats are very precarious. The risk of dying by drowning is very high.

Our team covers 17 km of the Lesvos coast by land and sea, helping the coming refugees (20 boats per day) to disembark safely.

But our resources are running out and we need your collaboration in order to stay here. Help us stay; we don’t want to go back home.

Our resources to stay in Lesvos are running out

We landed here with €15.000 from our own pockets, with no public funding. We invested them on financing the rescue works for a month. With that budget we helped disembarked more than 20 boats per day, carrying 50 people each, including babies, kids and elderly people. In total, about 1.000 people land in our beaches every day.

If we can’t cover the expenses of the next weeks, we will have to leave the island. The more resources and materials we get, the more lives we will be able to save.

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Why we do this

Oscar Camps, Proactiva Open Arms director

"Everything started with some pictures posted on social media of four drowned kids on a beach. Then we thought: if our work is to rescue people on the sea and we do it on our local beaches… Why are people dying there and nobody is helping them?"

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Once they disembark the boat, their objective is to get their lives back and to start building a new future. The rest of their journey will be long, but we are proud of have helped them to start it. Do you want to help us?

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